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Dianna + Lea

Glee: Episode 2 Britney/Brittany reaction

Omg, Brittany remembered her middle name! 

Britney Spears randomly popped up a few times... Once in a Cheerios uniform (I'm not even kidding)! There was hotness (namely Heather Morris' abs); yet I'm kind of disappointed. I dunno why I keep expecting something productive to, I dunno.... the advancement of plot? I think I expect too much from Glee... Let me just talk about Heather Morris' abs then, yeah?

*FLAIL* OMG, Heather Morris's abs!!!!!

Also, Sue Sylvester still wins at life! And Becky as her right-hand man? Gold!

Quinn and Rachel doing that working together thing again? I like it. Seeing sad!panda Quinn? Not so much. What happened to my Quinn, Mercedes, Kurt friendship?

And, Emma is tooo many levels of cute. Even when she's being practical.

The trailer for next week's episode? Hurt!BURT, NOOOOOO!