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Dianna + Lea

Glee: Episode 8 Furt reaction

Oh, my Burt/Carole heart swoons!! I love when Burt gets all Papa!Hummel! Absolutely no one is going to make fun of his son! Man, I love Burt. Like, I almost teared up during the wedding speeches, like *cough* more than almost!

I also love Sue! I especially love principle!Sue! She was so totally rational dealing with the Kurt bullying. That was the glimpse of the Sue that you know would totally do anything to protect her Cheerios and I loved it. Also, Sue's Mum (how I love Carole Burnett), a Nazi hunter? Sue and her mum were really funny, but also really sad. I like getting glimpses into why Sue is... well, Sue. AND OMFG, SUE'S DRESS IN SUE'S WEDDING TO HERSELF!!! OMFG, that is all!!!

Maybe it's just because we get to see Quinn smiling a little bit, but I really actually like Sam and by extension Quinn/Sam. So, when he "proposed" to her, I was totally grinning. His little speech was cute.

Mike was really sexy standing up to Karofsky.... ... ... I'm gonna leave that at that lol Speaking of Karofsky, the camera angels used in scenes with Karofsky and Kurt are really kinda trippy, and not needed. Chrs Colfer can act, we don't need trippy camera angles to get that he was scared. Also, I feel really felt bad for Karofsky. I mean, I hated Kurt getting bullied, but Karofsky getting expelled was sad. I mean, he's an obviously confused guy; it is no excuse, but it is very understandable. The school board reversing her expulsion also sucked, because no, Kurt cannot leave McKinley, just no! 

No thank you to Artie and Brittany! Like, why do you do this to me, Glee? WHY? I want my Brittana!

I didn't like any of the musical selections in this song, except maybe "Ohio," but it's ok, because what this episode did have was plot, and Glee so rarely has that!

Next epsiode: One word: FLORENCE!! I offically can't hate the musical selection next week, just because of that one song!