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US Skins: Tea

Hellcats: Episode 10: Pledging My Love reaction

+Ok, so there was this fence, and I was just chillin' happily on the middle of it, right? And then Red smiled charmingly and joked about fake watches, and told Alice to get her double x chromosomes out of his locker room, and I hopped down off of the fence and over to that Red/Vanessa patch of green, green grass, and I felt so decisive and proud of myself for a moment, but then Dr. Derrick adorably screwed up the easiest choreography in the world, and spoke about how in love with Vanessa he was, and I hopped right back on the fence. And now I'm in the middle again! I just don't know! Yay, she's engaged, booo, Red looked so heartbroken!

+It's like the flu??? Wooow,.... I think that's all I have to say about Marti in this episode!

+Onto my favourite: ALICE!

Like, seriously, why so pretty, Alice? No, I'm joking; continue being gorgeous. I loved that she was really vulnerable in this episode, but still snarky, but not snarky enough to mask the vulnerability. I'm really glad it wasn't Jake who sent the pictures, because I actually kinda like him. I'm also glad that Lewis and Jake jumped to her defence so quickly, because, oddly enough, I like Lewis and Jake as frenemies lol Now, onto the storyline. Alice did deserve her revenge, Damian (was that his name?) was really a jerk and it sucks hard that because of his status on the football team, he really wouldn't be punished for his actions. With that being said, I'm glad she ended up not outing him, because that would have been beyond jerkish on her part. I'm also surprised, and glad, that Lewis, and mainly Jake, were against her outing him. I was surprised about Jake since he has be painted as the typical, kinda douche-ish jock, so it was cool that he was so cool.  Also, I see what you did there, Hellcat writers, what with the webcam, and Vanessa's story about  her friend in high school killing himself after being outed. Good on you for shedding light on the LGBTQ suicide issue, even if it was done in a wholly obvious, propaganda type way lol 

+AWWW! Darwin's gay! I'm glad I have my gay guy on this show, even if he barely shows up, and when he does, it's mostly in the background. Also, now that Alice and Damian are "bonded"-- her ultimate revenge was hilarious-- in my head, he can totally be her closeted gay, snarky genius BF4L. In my head, of course. So that's gay guys-2: lesbians.... NONE! Ok, now I am upset! I was promised a lesbian, gosh darn it! Where is my lesbian? There was a flag football episode, and no Patty, and I totally forgave that,but now there was totally a gay episode, and still no Patty! I mean, how much more powerful would the episode have been if it had been the Wedge who stopped Alice from outing the guy, because she's been through it, you know, instead of Vanessa's quick driveby high school story? It could have been amazing! Now I am on a mission! I am going to hunt down the Wedge myself, if  don't get my lesbian! Ok, so I totally won't, but still, play fair Hellcats. You promised!

+ Savannah cried. Dan, you suck! That is all.

Trailer for the next episode: Alice rocks!



provides access

Cool post! How much stuff did you have to look up in order to write this one? I can tell you put some work in.

Re: provides access

How much stuff did you have to look up in order to write this one?

None really! I just watched the episode and got really angry that there was a totally wasted chance to throw out the lesbian character they promised from the beginning.