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Dianna + Lea

Glee: Episode 7 The Substitute reaction

Man, I just have to address this, because it is just getting beyond ridiculous now... the Glee budget! Like, I'm pretty sure, if I recall correctly, Sue is allllll up in McKinley's budget, how the fuhhh do Glee manage to put together these leather outfits, like last weak, or make it rain, like this week! Like, come on... I'd like just a tiny bit of realism, here and there. Maybe, that's just me nitpicking with my scene design and costume design background, because I know how much these things cost.

Ok, so the actual episode:

Oh Sue! Can she get anymore awesome? I don't think so!

Will was on some high!! I mean, what kinda level of delusion?!? Seeing the Glee kids as, well, kids; that was insane, and hilarious.

TERRI!! Man, I missed her! I totally loved her in this episode, what with her being still totally crazy, yet totally sweet at the same time! I felt really bad for her when Will told her not to come back. She does really love him, a lot; she's just so misunderstood. Also, even with all of Sue's awesome lines, Terri's "Are you are porn star or a drag queen?" was my favourite.

Speaking of Will, was this episode supposed to make Will seem like a really awesome teacher? Because I still think he's bordering on creepy-- or you know, really creepy--, sometimes really immature, and wayyy too nostalgic.

Kurt, please don't start being a jerk because you have Blaine now! Blaine is super cute and all, and I'm glad Kurt has a gay guy to vibe with, but just because he has new friends, doesn't make ditching Mercedes okay! Although, OMFG, the little purse falling out of his mouth! Wuuuuttt?!?
And really, the fact the Blaine's picture is in Kurt's locker is kinda creepy!

I loved Holly Holiday! She was crazy and awesome, and... really crazy, and omg, NOT THE AIR JORDANS! How could anyone not pay attention to her as a sub! Like, with the glasses, and the cutesy, librarian voice! How could anyone not find that cute?

I loved the little bits of Quinn/Santana/Brittany in 'Forget You!' Man, sometimes I forget they're friends... 

Also, I loved Mike Chang, *bitch*, in "Make 'Em Laugh' but, really, he's the only reason I payed attention to it, cuz I <3 that dude! 

Next week's episode: SUE, that is all!