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US Skins: Tea

Hellcats: Episode 9: Finish What We Started reaction

The big problem with this episode: Not enough ALICE!!!

I'm really starting to dislike Marti! She's getting seriously annoying to me; and she's dragged Dan into it! Now Lewis and Savannah are both gonna get hurt.

I liked Savannah and her sister being civil; that was cute. And Savannah lying to protect her sister? Well, awww. I also loved Savannah's mum in this episode; actually, I really just loved her being sort of passive aggressive with Dan

Arghhhh! Red/Vanessa, Vanessa/Derrick; I still can't decide!! I think I'm leaning on the Red/Vanessa side though.

I'm still baffled on the Wedge subject! Is she just not in the show anymore? I'm sooo confused!

Anyway! Alice next week, so I'll definitely watch that!