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Dianna + Lea

Glee: Episode 6 Never Been Kissed reaction

Ok, so, the girls' mash-up was amazing! And by that,  I totally mean hot! BUT, the guys' mash-up was kinda cute. I can't decide which I liked better! I liked them both!

Also, I totally <3 Quinn/Sam; they're so cute together!

Blaine is so cute!!!! Awwww. Him and Kurt will totally be cure together! I hate it when Kurt cries; it makes me tear up. Closeted!athlete was totes obviously gay, and I wish he'd stop harassing Kurt!  As much as I love Kurt/Blaine, Kurt having a picture of Blaine in his locker was too many levels of creepy. He's inspirational, I get it; totally cool, but a picture, in your locker, already??

I like a Puck and Artie bromance when they're not being jerks. Also, the 'One Love' performance was love!

Awww, I felt so sorry for Coach Beiste. She's awesome; I'm glad she decided to stick around!

Next week's eppy: TERRI! That's all I have to say lol Well, Terri and Gwyneth Paltrow! AWESOME!