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US Skins: Tea

Hellcats: Episode 7: The Match Game Episode Reaction

Ok... So Alice is the only reason I really watch this show anymore. Like the thing about pushing her in a wheelchair because of a broken wrist? Hilarious! lol I love her! She's worked her way up to being my favourite character in this show, bar none! I really love her not even giving a fuhh about Marti/Lewis.

Marti was really, really bitchy the majority of this episode. I don't mind Marti/Lewis, you know, since they've been hinting at it since the pilot episode, but they really are pretty much anti-climactic.

Dan bugs me, and it's not because he's getting in the way of my Savannah/Marti ship, because so is Lewis, and I don't mind Lewis, but I dunno, something about Dan makes me cringe.

WTF happened to the Wedge? Wasn't she even on a promo poster? Now she's just... gone! Like, is she being replaced with Frankie? I kinda like Frankie, but still, I want the Wedge back!

How comes we didn't get to see Lewis' date with the old guy? I sooo wanted to see that lol

Awww! Dr. Derrick is adorable, but I miss Coach Red lol I can't decide between Red and Dr. Derrick; whatever happens there, happens, I guess lol But I kinda want them both to get Vanessa... lol I dunno, I'm confused!

Next week's episode? Urgh... Dan lol