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US Skins: Tea

Glee: Episode 4 Duets reaction

Gay, straight, bi, whatever, Sam is such a cutie! Even if Sam does turn out to be gay, well then Quinn should like be a surrogate mother to his kids or something, because they'd have beautiful little tow-headed babies. They're so cute together! I love couples with similar hair colours... I also love couples with opposing hair colours... I guess I just love couples, except Finn/Rachel (although, Reverend!Finn and Amish!Rachel [I dunno lol], I kinda ship that lol)! But, back to Sam/Quinn, awwwww! Their performance was awesome, and my heart does this funny flippy thing when Quinn smiles :p

Quinn's little breakdown... she needs to find a way to torture Rachel? Really? lol But still, very awww... I just wanna give Quinn a hug most of the time.

Man, I love, looooovvveeee, LOVE Burt! And I totally get Kurt's point, but man, he really is very pushy sometimes. He was pushy with Finn, and he's was trying to be pushy with Sam and I'm glad he decided to lay off a bit, because I love Kurt when he's not being crazy, and his performance was awesome! I wanna give Kurt a hug too. And Rachel and Kurt, omg... I love Rachel when she's not crazy too!

Santana and Mercedes' performance was just so full of 60's DIVA and I LOVED IT lol A Mercedes and Santana friendship is quite frankly awesome!!

Tina and Mike, get it together, or don't! I dunno. The Tina/Mike duet was was totally awesome and as much as I love Tina/Artie... I kinda love Mike/Tina too and I can't decide which is better!!! Tina trying to cozy back up to Artie when things were falling through with Mike? Giiiiiiiirrrrlllll, you wrong, and you know it! Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Brittany/Artie, oh man....  I don't even-- I don't know! I mean, break my heart, why don't you! Just make Quinn all happy, so I get happy, and then Brittany gets all sad, and I'm like "wuttt... no!" Santana needs to get it together and stop breaking Brittany's heart; she's totally into that girl! And now she's gonna be getting no sexing, because that little sign Brittany threw her obviously meant, "no sex for you," 

Rocky Horror and Halloween; that is all!