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US Skins: Tea

Hellcats: Episode 5: The Prisoner's Song Episode Reaction

So, I agree with Alice in this episode... Dan (Yoko) just had no business getting all up in the Hellcats' business.

Awww... Dr. Derrick got a promotion, but I wanna know what Coach Red is up to; that man is sneaky, and kinda awesome. I dunno, here... Vanessa/Dr. Derrick, or Vanessa/Red? I kinda like them both. Oh, what to ship? I don't even know!

Frankie has a name!!! YAY lol

Marti's all jealous of Dan/Savannah. *cough* she obviously wanted Savannah all for herself *coughs again to justify the first cough*

Marti singing with the prisoner was cute. Am I terrible for kinda wanting Alice to get captaincy? Girl does get things done!

Next weeks episode looks like great fun.


If you're terrible, then I'll be terrible with you because I wanted her to get it too. I thought Savannah was wrong for just springing that on them without discussing it with them first.
Yeah. Savannah was totally wrong there and I was so glad that it failed. I was almost expecting them to go the "it went perfectly," route.