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US Skins: Tea

Glee: Episode 3 Grilled Cheesus reaction

Santana was kinda... ... nice! I kinda liked it...  And Brittany's "book report" about heart attacks written in crayon, was adorable! As was Emma being really guidance counselor-y with her wavy hair!

Sympathetic! Puck now kind of owns my heart! He's cute when he's not being an arse!

Emma... AWWW! I think I said that already, but awwwww!

Rachel in the park kinda scared me.... Like legit. I was bricking it! I thought like some witchcraft shite was gonna happen out of nowhere. With that being said, her hair was cute all wavy.

AWWWW... Little!Burt and Kurt scenes were the cutest thing ever. I hope Burt is better in next week's episode. My heart can't take hurt!Burt :(
Good episode though!

Next week! Santana + Mercedes duet? Really? YAY!