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US Skins: Tea

Hellcats: Episode 4: Nobody Loves Me But My Mother Episode Reaction

I wanna give Alice a hug! Like, I wasn't expecting to, but I kind of love her. She's much more complicated than I thought she would be. And, yes, Alice/Lewis; it's hard, complicated and way fucked up, but I ship it. They're obviously that one couple that are hugely messed-up but they kinda fit!

Also, did I see hints of an Alice and Marti friendship? When Alice kept telling Marti she was lying, it all seemed rather, friendly to me lol

Random cheerleader chick who Marti is all of a sudden tight with! I like her! She needs a name. Did she have one that I conspicuously didn't catch? Hmmm... I dunno, maybe.

LOL @ Wanda jokingly asking Marti if she's a lesbian. One week, Marti is telling Savannah she's a bottom, then Savannah is getting drunk and flailing about how sexy Marti is, now Wanda's got some suspicions lol Feeding the fire!

Savannah needs a hug too after having to walk out on her family like that, but Alice still  needs a bigger hug!

HBIC!Vanessa- I like it! lol That is all!

Savannah had a "that's my baby," look on her face when she walked in during Marti's performance... ok, ok, ok, that's it lol I'm not even gonna Marti/Savannah flail because Alice and that one second of HBIC!Vanessa obviously made this episode!